Caller ID Feature

Caller ID is a feature offered at no extra charge. It lets your family, friends or business associates recognize your call by seeing your phone number!

When using International Callback, Virtual Calling Card, Global Call Connect or VoIP service, the system now delivers the phone number you use to make the call to the destination number you dialed (some restrictions may apply; please see note below) .

If you are using CallMe800* or CallMyGlobalNumber services the Caller ID feature will enable you to see the phone number of customers, important business partners, family members or friends who call your special toll free or local phone number!

**USA and Canada CallMe800 numbers also currently support this new feature. However, there are still some instances globally where the caller ID may not display due to local restriction.  That is something beyond our control. 

The new Caller ID feature is active by default for all the service lines in your account. If you wish to restrict this option and have your number hidden when placing your international calls, you can do so through your account management panel by selecting "Restricted" from the "Caller ID Display" option that is located below each service line.

If you want to restrict the Caller ID option only for the current call, then you can dial *67 immediately after you access our system and before dialing your destination number. This will allow you to restrict all the calls you place until you hang up (calls placed by dialing # # # and receiving another line will also restrict CallerID). Future calls after you hang up will continue displaying CallerID.

Note: The Caller ID option may not work in some cases depending on your or your correspondent's local telephone service provider.

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